Oresego Consulting

Our unique business advisory services offering combines the invaluable insight and experience of our team of expert consultants on the ground in South Africa and on the African continent, together with our powerful international network of associates in the Institute of Independent Business.

Together, we make a formidable team, providing out-of-the-box strategic thinking and innovative practical solutions to any business or management challenge.


Business Support Programme

  • Is your business in need of review: We can help. A free two hour session for assessment is on offer
  • This programme is linked with our CEO’s association with the IIB. (www.iib.ws)
  • Business Support is across numerous professional areas linked to the expert found through the iib


Transformation Advisory

  • Assessment/ Interpretation of companies BEE status
  • Establishing and coordination of BEE committees
  • Development of BBBEE strategies for companies
  • Running of BBBEE workshops
  • Development BBEEE publications


Business Brokerage

  • Linking business
  • Assistance in executing Tenders
  • Assistance in raising funding for Tenders/ Big Projects
  • Needing a business partner? We can match you with one!


Change Management

  • Internal Communications Advisory
  • Internal Communications Marketing – with our partners i3 Agency
  • Labour dispute linked communications
  • Issues Management linked to communications