About Us

Five Key Facts about Oresego

  1. Oresego Holdings is a proudly South African group but with a global footprint as a result of our founder’s associate membership of the Institute of Independent Business.
  2. Oresego Holdings has daily access to the wealth of specialist expertise and experience of over 5000 international business consultants around the world, 200 of which are based in South Africa.
  3. Oresego Holdings has an extensive and highly experienced international network of strategic business advisors
  4. Oresego Holdings is based on 4 operational pillars, each one focusing on a particular business sector or service offering:
  5. Our brand was inspired by the ethos of the Ghanaian symbol – a gathering together of a diverse group of men and women, as equals to find lasting solutions to today’s business and communications challenges.


Company Profile

Oresego Holdings is a centre of excellence for international business support and communications advisory services. We pride ourselves on offering companies, government institutions and NGOs the best and most innovative solutions to the challenges they face in today’s tough economic climate. Our unusual holding company name was inspired by the children of the Group’s founder – Onkgopotse JJ Tabane.

The word Oresego comes from the joining of elements of each child’s name – his son Resego and his daughter Oreabetse. The name is appropriate as it directly illustrates the mission of the Group and all those who work for it. At Oresego, we believe that our responsibility today is to focus on truly excelling in all that we do, to not only set an inspirational example for our children to follow, but also to ensure a bright future for them and indeed all of South Africa’s children.