5 Tips of this week - How to run an effective Comms Department


5 Tips of the Week – We have perfected the art of effective management of the communication processes in organisations. We share our insights on how to be on the cutting-edge of communication expertise

On running a communications department

A communications department has to be run like a well-oiled machinery

A propaganda arm of the organization able to respond to the needs of the organization as a whole

Its structure must be able to service the organizations.

In a government department with branches for example assign team mates responsible for serving a particular branch where possible.

This was they will pay attention to the branch and its activities and be part of planning how that branch will be supported by the communications machinery.

Ensure that every position has a clear job description.

However ensure that every communicator is given cross cutting tasks such as media monitoring and reading of crucial documents that affects all portfolios.

Evaluate your communicators quarterly to ensure that no one is bored or I’ll fitted for their tasks.

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