Oresego CEO, Onkgopotse JJ Tabane appointed to the Council of the University of the Western Cape


Oresego is proud to extend its warmest congratulations to the company CEO Mr Onkgopotse JJTabane on his appointment on the Council of the University of the Western Cape. Mr Tabane will participate in the deliberations of the Council, the university’s highest decision-making body, in the interest of the university and the higher education system as a whole. As a Ministerial appointee on the council, he will actively participate in council meetings and in sub-committee activities.

Higher Education Minister, Blade Nzimande expressed his gratitude and thanks to Mr Tabane for his service as a Ministerial appointee on the Council of the North-West University by saying, “I appreciate the commitment and dedication with which you discharged your responsibilities as a member of the council”.
Oresego wishes Mr Tabane well on this appointment. Strong and intelligent leadership is needed to drive the council and we trust that he will use his skills to make a positive contribution to the council and the university.
We have no doubt that he will be an inspirational force for the council as he has proven to be to the company.

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